Market Update

 August 4, 2021  MARKET UPDATE BULLETIN  Supply chain bottlenecks continue to have significant negative impact on our business and industry. Several events have created the most difficult environment we’ve experienced in our 47-year history. Key contributing factors include:  • Rod mill consolidation  • Trade policy restricting imports of certain raw materials including steel wire  •…

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IDC Spring Recognized as U.S. Best-in-Class Employer by Gallagher

IDC Spring Recognized as U.S. Best-in-Class Employer by Gallagher Gallagher’s Best-in-Class Benchmarking Analysis Identifies U.S. Organizations That Excel in Optimizing  Employee and Organizational Wellbeing IDC Spring participated in Gallagher’s 2022 U.S. Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey and was identified as an organization that excelled in optimizing employee and organizational wellbeing. IDC Spring was recognized for…

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Product Discontinuation – December 2021

PRODUCT DISCONTINUATION NOTICE   December 15, 2021  Dear Valued Customer,  This letter serves as a notification that IDC Spring will be limiting their Holmes  One-Piece Spring offerings. Effective immediately once the inventory of one-piece springs and E900 hardware are liquidated we will have a limited number of SKUs.   Available parts:  P928C  P728C  P528C  P328C  IDC Spring…

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3 Types of Specialty Springs and Best Uses for Each

Getting specialty springs designed for your unique needs ensures they match up with how you intend to use them. But how do you figure out what type of spring you need? You can find many types of specialty springs on the market, each one with different purposes.  Aligning your needs with a specific type of spring can…

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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Torsion Springs

Does anything else in a home get the workout of a garage door opener? The door is called upon day after day to open and close, meaning that opener has to move a heavy weight multiple times. Little wonder that the torsion springs that do most of the heavy lifting for a garage door opener…

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