Common Uses for Compression Springs

Posted on June 10, 2019 by IDC Spring

Mechanical compression springs are helical, open coil springs used in a variety of industries for applications that require resistance to an axially applied compressive force. Most people use products or services that involve compression springs every day without even realizing it.

Some of the most common mechanical compression spring uses include:

  • Automobiles: It would be very difficult to make most cars without at least some compression springs. Compression spring uses in automobiles include springs in the seats to yield to the body and increase comfort, springs in the suspension to absorb the rough shocks of the road as the car drives along and even springs that provide support for automotive hoses. Naturally, there is a range of different sizes and shapes for automotive compression springs to accommodate the many different automotive compression spring applications.
  • Door locks: You probably don’t give much thought to your door locks unless they are broken in some way, and you certainly may not give much consideration to what it is made of, but historically, springs have been critical to properly functioning door locks. Most metal locks have a steel spring of some kind inside of them. This is because of the way a lock and key system works — the key relieves the tension that is holding the bolt in place and keeping the door locked. That tension is created by a spring. Locksmiths have been using compression locks for this purpose since the 1700s.
  • Pens: If you have ever dissected your ballpoint pen, you’ve seen the compression spring. If you’ve ever taken that spring out and tried to use the pen without it, you understand how important it is. It’s that spring that allows you to expose the tip to write with your pen and then let that tip recede into the housing, so the ink does not dry out. This allows you to use a pen without the need for a cap, which is inconvenient and easy to lose.
  • Aeronautics: Perhaps even more so than automobiles, most air travel would be impossible without the use of many different types of springs. While you may not see the springs on a plane, you can be sure they are there. Springs are used in airplanes for everything from air turbines, guidance systems, engine controls, wheels and brakes to meters, fuel cells and diesel engines.
  • Medical devices: As you might imagine, there are many mechanical compression spring applications for medical devices. However, you may not realize the scope of medical devices that use springs, from tiny springs like those found in inhalers, pill dispensers and syringes to a variety of diagnostic devices. There are also springs for medical tools like staple guns, surgical tools and orthopedic tools, as well as catheters, valves, peristaltic pumps, wheelchairs, endoscopic devices and many other pieces of medical equipment.
  • Firearms: Again, whenever you think of tension, you should think of compression springs. Consider the tension required to make a bow and arrow work. Replace the human element with a compression spring and you have the crossbow, a device that is much easier to use. Move even further technologically to the modern semiautomatic pistol, which absorbs the recoil energy created by firing the weapon with a compression spring and then redirects that energy to move the slide or bolt forward and reload the weapon for the next shot.


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