Garage Door Spring Lifespan

Posted on February 28, 2020 by IDC Spring

Garage door springs, usually torsion springs or extension springs, are a vital part of your garage door’s operation. Like other parts involved in mechanical operations, there is a finite garage door spring lifespan. But how long should garage door springs last?

Factors that Affect the Garage Door Spring Lifespan

The average life of garage door springs depends on a number of factors.

Type of Spring

The standard garage door spring is designed to last 10,000 cycles. A cycle is defined as one full opening and closing of the garage door. There are higher cycle springs made with certain wire types, which can offer 25,000 cycles or even 50,000 cycles.

Frequency of Use

The next factor is how often you use your garage door. Since the lifespan of the spring is measured in cycles, how long it lasts will depend on how many cycles you go through per day. If you use four cycles a day, your spring life will be about seven years.

Since it is recommended to replace your garage door every 7 to 10 years, it is usually not worthwhile to invest in springs with longer than a 10,000-cycle life. If you expect to use your garage door for 15 years or more, you may consider investing in a door with 25,000-cycle or 50,000-cycle springs.

Weather and Moisture

The elements can shorten the life of a garage door spring. If a garage door is routinely subjected to very cold temperatures, it can cause the steel in the springs to contract, become brittle and break prematurely. Rust due to rain or moisture can also prematurely age springs. Having a spring that is rust-resistant can help mitigate the elements.

How to Extend the Life Expectancy of Garage Door Springs

Regular maintenance can help you avoid premature aging and extend the life of your garage door springs. You should lubricate the springs and all moving parts of a garage door every couple of months to reduce stress on the system. When spraying garage door springs, a silicone coating can help prevent rust. An insulated garage door and a heater to heat up the door in cold weather can also help prevent springs from succumbing to the effects of the cold.

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