Garage Door Springs

Our Garage Door Spring Product Lines

  • Residential torsion spring assemblies including oil-temperedblack coatedgalvanized spring wire and extension springs
  • Wire diameters from .148” to .625” and ID’s from .050 to 10.5”
  • Custom, made to order springs for commercial and residential replacement
  • Square wire in diameters from .312 to .437
  • Specialty ends including “hook ends” for mini storage to “tail” for rolling steel
  • Mini-storage springs
  • Rolling steel springs
  • Trailer springs
  • Spring fittings
  • Hardware
  • Custom stenciling (Stencil your company name)
  • Single, duplex and triplex assemblies

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Different Types of Torsion Spring Assemblies and Wire Diameters

There’s a whole world of garage door options on the market, which means generic, off-the-shelf springs won’t do.  Different garage door manufacturers have unique needs, which is why we offer a range of torsion spring assemblies. In our selection, you’ll find oil-tempered, black-coated and wire and extension springs. Don’t settle for anything less than a garage door spring manufacturer that can gain an understanding of your needs, and then deliver the custom components your work demands.

These different types of materials ensure you always have access to the specific assemblies your job requires. The wire diameters available range from .148 inches to .625 inches, and IDs range from .05 inches to 10.5 inches. You’ll also find square wire that ranges from .312 to .437 in diameter. When you find a garage door spring manufacturer in the U.S. that can provide this wide range of materials, you enjoy the freedom to create and adapt products to align with best practices and the latest industry innovations.

All Types of Springs for All Types of Jobs

At IDC Spring, we are your one-stop shop for garage door spring manufacturing. You’ll find all you need in our selection, including mini-storage springs, rolling steel springs, spring winding kits, hardware, custom stenciling (that allows you to brand yourself), single, duplex and triplex assemblies and much more. We choose to offer a wide selection for two reasons. First, it ensures you always have access to the materials you need to see your manufacturing vision become a reality. And, second, it allows us to develop long-term relationships with our clients, serving as the only garage door spring supplier they could ever want or need.

You’ll even find specialty ends that include hook ends for mini storage and tails for rolling steel. We custom make each order just for you, whether it’s for residential or commercial garage doors. And, as a custom garage door spring supplier, we help open up all sorts of possibilities for your manufacturing and your service to customers.

A Commitment to Quality

What sets IDC Spring apart from the competition? We are focused completely on quality. We guarantee we can make your springs to meet your exact and unique specifications, and we guarantee we’ll get them right the first time. We focus on speed and simplicity in delivering exactly what you need in the way of garage door springs exactly when you need them.

We know you’re serving your own customers, which is why we consider ourselves partners in your work. We’re only successful when you are with your own customers.

Organized to Meet Your Needs

Our spring plant is located in Minnesota, but we offer regional service that allows us to work with garage door providers nationwide with plants also located in Arizona and Ohio. We focus on the OEM market, and 17 of the top 25 manufacturers in our industry choose to use our products.

We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier, too. That’s why we offer free quotes before work begins — to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing a spring provider. It’s also why we offer just-in-time programs after your order is placed. These JIT programs help meet your unique requirements and satisfy the needs of your own customers.

As the only garage door spring supplier in the U.S. you will ever need, you can always count on us to provide exceptional customer support in addition to the materials and components you need to best serve your customers.

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Contact IDC Spring to Learn More About Garage Door Spring Options

Are you looking for a high-quality garage door spring manufacturer? A source of durable, high-performing products that delight users and offer years of reliability? That’s what we create at IDC Spring, your go-to garage door spring manufacturer in the U.S. We offer torsion, extension and Holmes one-piece springs for garage doors, including various spring ends and cut-to-length materials.

When you create garage door products, your brand reputation rests on the durability and dependable everyday performance those products deliver. That means every component used to manufacture your products must meet the highest-quality standards. What sets us apart from other garage door spring suppliers? It starts with experience. We have decades of experience manufacturing different garage door springs, which means we understand your needs to quickly supply the products that match your exact specifications. We take great pride in fulfilling your requirements so you can get your work done, which is why we conduct rigorous quality control and leading-edge testing.

IDC Spring is a garage door spring supplier in the U.S. that pours attention to detail and the utmost care into the manufacturing process, ensuring you get what you need — springs that help you provide outstanding results for your customers. When you need a garage door spring manufacturer that will help your products reach their fullest potential, you can count on IDC Spring. Contact us to learn more about the best garage door springs for your project or request a quote today.