Garage Door Extension Springs

Garage doors and their openers require many components to function properly and safely. One of those components is a garage door extension spring. IDC Spring’s garage door extension springs are utilized by some of the biggest players in the industry. If you need extension springs for your business, we will work with you to provide the perfect solution to meet your needs.

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Garage door extension springs

What Is a Garage Door Extension Spring?

Garage door extension springs use resistance to help a door function. They’re tightly coiled and extend and retract as a garage door operates. In general, extension springs return a moving object to its original position. Something moves, which extends the spring, and the resistance in the spring pulls the object back. That’s how garage springs work. In a garage door system, extension springs attach to pulleys and go above the door’s horizontal track. Tension in the spring then helps the door to operate.

The spring’s initial tension is often standard, but you can customize it if needed. The initial tension will hold the spring together, and the force of the door needs to be higher than the tension. That ensures the spring will extend and the door will operate correctly.

Product Overview: Garage Door Extension Springs

When you need garage door extension springs for your manufacturing process or replacement spring parts, IDC Spring can help. We offer various spring types and sizes, and we’d be happy to answer any garage door extension spring questions you have.

Available Extension Springs and Wire Types

Our garage door extension springs are manufactured out of hard-drawn wire, which is among the more affordable wire types. We manufacture it to a certain diameter without tempering or processing, creating a sturdy spring.

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Available Garage Door Extension Spring End Types

garage door extension spring end types

Extension springs attach to other components of a garage door system to work. Garage setups have different parts, which means you’ll need varying ways to attach extension spring systems to those components. Manufacturers create a variety of clip ends for extension springs by bending the wire into the necessary shape. At IDC Spring, we offer these garage door extension spring end types:

  • Single open loop
  • Double loop
  • Clip ends

What Size Garage Door Extension Springs Do I Need?

When it comes to garage door extension spring sizing, there isn’t one option that fits all. Instead, we create components specifically for a garage door’s weight and height. A 7-foot door, for instance, doesn’t use the same spring as an 8-foot one. Because you need specific parts for your doors, you have to know how to determine extension spring size for a garage door.

To determine extension spring size for a garage door, you need the door heights and weights. As a manufacturer, you likely have this information on hand from engineering. If you don’t, measure the doors’ heights and weights before ordering extension springs.

With those numbers in mind, you can pick the appropriate spring. In your search, understand that residential and commercial garage door extension springs have a color-coding system to identify what weight they’re suitable for.

DASMA Color Coding for Garage Door Extension Springs

Knowing the color-coding system from the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) can help you better understand what extension spring systems you may need. DASMA’s garage springs color codes create an industry standard. For overhead garage doors, extension spring colors denote how much weight two springs can lift. While IDC Spring makes garage springs with high-quality, durable steel materials, you still have to pick the right springs for the job. Don’t select or replace garage door extension springs without knowing the different DASMA color codes:

  • White: 10/110/210 pounds
  • Green: 20/120/220 pounds
  • Yellow: 30/130/230 pounds
  • Blue: 40/140/240 pounds
  • Red: 50/150/250 pounds
  • Brown: 60/160/260 pounds
  • Orange: 70/170/270 pounds
  • Gold: 80/180/280 pounds
  • Light blue: 90/190/290 pounds
  • Tan: 100/200/300 pounds

With those details in mind, it’ll be easier to find the right garage door extension springs for your needs. If you’re unsure what would work for your overhead garage doors, don’t simply guess. Let us at IDC Spring help you discover what you need. You’ll only have to know some basic information about your projects, and we’ll let you know what garage springs will work for you.

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Can Garage Door Extension Springs Be Too Strong?

Garage door extension springs can be too strong or too weak. If you select the wrong overhead garage door extension springs, you risk creating unbalanced doors. If the tension is too high, the doors won’t stay closed. That’s because the force of the springs retracting opens a door back up. If the spring tension is too weak, the door won’t stay open, creating a dangerous situation.

Select the right specs to replace garage door extension springs and ensure you create a balanced door. That will keep your doors closed and open when they should be, giving your customers reliable garage door systems.

How Long Do Garage Door Extension Springs Last?

How long extension springs last will depend on how often the garage door is used. On average, garage door extension springs can last between seven to nine years. With excessive use, the lifespan could drop to four to six years.

Worn extension springs have gaps between the coils when the spring should be retracted. If you have to replace your garage door extension springs or ones for customers, IDC Spring is here to help.

IDC Spring — Your Garage Door Extension Spring Supplier

A quality garage door system begins with quality parts, including the best garage door extension springs. At IDC Spring, we’re known for manufacturing quality springs. For decades, we’ve been making high-performance, long-lasting products, all at a reasonable price to you. When it comes to overhead garage door extension springs, IDC Spring is a name you can trust.

When you work with us, you’ll experience our dedication to quality customer service and value. With three strategically located manufacturing plants in Minnesota, Ohio and Arizona, we can serve our customers better and significantly reduce shipping costs, giving you great value and an improved experience. You’ll get reliable delivery times, perfect for urgent projects. Our approach to business is putting customers first, offering a variety of products to suit your specific needs and giving you the best quality possible for those solutions.

Request a free quote today for the extension spring systems you need. Not sure what spring ends or sizes will work for your doors? Contact us, and our experts will be happy to help.
IDC Spring is your Garage Door Extension Spring Supplier