Trailer Springs

To ensure your trailers function safely and allow easy transportation of materials, it’s important to install quality trailer springs. There are several types of springs available, and finding the right one is critical for proper trailer function. You need to have confidence that your components come from a manufacturing company you can trust.

Here at IDC Spring, we can produce custom springs for trailer accessories. With our Arizona, Minnesota and Ohio locations, we offer you regional assistance on a national scale. Our priority is creating and customizing durable springs for a variety of uses. IDC Spring provides you with customizable trailer ramp and door spring options for all your building and servicing needs.

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Types of Trailer Ramp and Door Springs

Many trailers have attached ramps and doors to make loading and unloading large objects more manageable. Understanding what springs these attachments need helps you find the right tools for building and maintaining industrial trailers.

There are two main kinds of springs common to this application:

  • Trailer torsion springs: These rounded wires wrap up into a cylinder shape. Springs like this often connect ramps, doors and hatches to a trailer bed. They rotate and allow these attachments to open or lower to the ground.
  • Trailer extension springs: You’ll find these coiled wires located on the inside of trailer doors and ramps. As you apply more force, the spring extends and creates resistance to control how far the attachment moves. An extension spring helps doors and ramps close tightly by bringing them in as it tightens back to its original position.

At IDC Spring, we produce a wide variety of springs for industrial use, including custom designs. Our durable springs for trailer doors and ramps are made with premium materials to hold up for years of heavy-duty use.

Wire Types for Spring Production

IDC Spring can work with numerous types of spring wire to create torsion and extension springs that suit your needs, including:

  • Chrome silicon
  • Galvanized
  • Oil-tempered
  • Hard drawn steel
  • Music wire
  • Stainless steel

Reach out to us and ask about our customization options to find the right material for your trailer springs.

Wire Size Specifications

It’s important to note the specific measurements of springs required for any attachment on your equipment. Make sure to calculate the correct dimensions for each trailer ramp or door before purchasing springs.

IDC Spring provides standard torsion and extension spring wire sizes that range from .250 to .625 inches to fit most trailer components. If you need something smaller, reach out to us — we can likely source the correct size to create a custom product. We can also answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Find Reliable Trailer and Door Springs

For high-quality trailer door and ramp springs that can stand up to repeated use, work with the experts at IDC Spring. Our team can provide custom extension and torsion springs and provide you with expert support. Contact us for more information if you need assistance selecting or ordering your industrial springs, or request a free quote on our website to get pricing on a trailer spring order.