Dock Levelers & Loading Dock Springs

Dock Levelers & Loading Dock Springs

Manufacturers and distribution centers receive regular shipments of materials and products. These products are typically delivered by truck, and they can be heavy and require unloading using forklifts. Dock levelers give manufacturers and distributors the ability to unload shipments quickly and safely. To ensure streamlined work, these spring-operated lifting platforms must be built with performance and reliability in mind.

At IDC Spring, we can produce high-quality mechanical springs for loading docks and dock levelers. Learn more about the vital role springs play in making dock levelers function and consider ordering custom dock leveler and loading dock springs from us today.
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Spring Function in Dock Levelers

Dock levelers make the workday easier for people in a variety of industries. Essentially, a dock leveler is a device designed to bridge the gap between a loading dock and the floor of a trailer. These devices are installed permanently at the loading dock door and raise or lower to match the height of different trucks. Once the dock leveler has been set in place, workers can drive forklifts across the platform and safely transport heavy materials inside.

To accommodate different truck heights, dock levelers must raise and lower from their horizontal starting positions. To seamlessly connect the truck floor to the rest of the platform, a lip at the end of the dock leveler must also be raised from a vertical resting position. In mechanical dock levelers, springs help drive both of these essential operations.

Types of Springs Used for Dock Levelers

Manufacturers engineer their dock levelers to function in distinct ways. As a result, different dock levelers rely on different springs and assemblies to accomplish the same basic lifting action. Three types of springs commonly used in dock levelers include:

  • Extension springs: Extension springs are springs that pull toward the center as the ends are pulled apart. These height adjustment springs for loading docks extend as the dock leveler is lowered and compress to raise and counterbalance the weight of the platform.
  • Compression springs: The opposite of an extension spring, a compression spring pushes the ends away from the center while compressed. This type of height adjustment spring compresses as a deck is lowered and pushes against the platform to raise it.
  • Snubbing springs: In addition to height adjustment springs, dock levelers also need springs to help raise the lip that connects the end of the leveler to the truck floor. Snubbing springs attach to a lip driver and chain and serve as a cushion while extending the dock leveler lip. Snubbing assemblies typically raise the lip while the dock leveler is rising.


Choose IDC Spring as Your Custom Dock Leveler Spring Manufacturer

At IDC Spring, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect extension, compression or snubbing springs for your loading dock applications. To assist manufacturers in creating safe, reliable and competitive dock levelers, we can design and produce springs to meet exacting specifications. Our customization options include stenciling, powder coating, custom ends, formed ends and more.

If you need springs for dock levelers, we are happy to work with you to ensure our products arrive on time and meet your unique requirements. Request a free quote today to learn more about how our custom spring manufacturing capabilities could make your project a success.
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