Our Industries


Heavy Trucking Springs In the trucking industry, component reliability can mean the difference between a safe, high-performing machine and an unsafe vehicle that saps productivity from operators and their employers. As a result, it’s important to select high-quality springs in the manufacturing of equipment for heavy trucking. Whether you use heavy trucking springs constantly or…

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Assembly Lines

  Springs and Wire Forms for Assembly Lines Mechanical springs find use in a number of industrial settings and products. For industrial assembly lines, the selection of springs, wire forms and other components plays an important role in ensuring productivity and customer satisfaction. Whatever industry you’re manufacturing for, you need industrial springs that meet your…

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Valve Springs

  Springs for Check Valves and Safety Valves Valves play a vital role in machinery and systems across industries, and they all require springs to function safely and efficiently. If you manufacture for the valve industry, you need access to springs that meet exacting specifications for quality and performance. At IDC Spring, we understand the…

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