Introducing the Manufacturing Nice Podcast

Posted on October 27, 2020 by IDC Spring

At IDC Spring, manufacturing is in our blood. It’s also an exciting industry filled with people who have stories, tips and information that we can all use to become better in our lives and in our careers. Join us on our new podcast as we get to know the inner workings of the business from proven leaders.

What Do We Talk About?

Manufacturing Nice is a collaborative effort between the hosts, our own Mitchell LeTourneau and Kelli Golembeck. This show started out back in January as a casual conversation between coworkers. Now, we’re several episodes into our first season, bringing you new content regularly to keep you informed.

We launched this show because we wanted to start having deep conversations and make them available for anyone who wants to listen. We also wanted to have a little bit of fun while showcasing the manufacturing industry’s lighter side. Our new podcast gives us the perfect opportunity.

Shows We’ve Done Already

The team’s been working hard to make sure you had a few episodes to look through before making the announcement. Mitchell and Kelli have been recording since the beginning of September to bring you new episodes every two weeks. Our current catalog includes interviews we’ve conducted with some of our own leaders at IDC Spring and several influential community members.

Podcasts you can listen to right now include:

  • Building a Sales Team With Jenny McGrath: Our inaugural episode is an interview about sales with Jenny McGrath. Jenny is the IDC Spring sales manager and a long-term member of our company. She took the time to sit down with us and talk about what it takes to be a successful sales manager in the manufacturing industry and what it’s like to manage a team through unique challenges during 2020.
  • Coaches Coaching Coaches: In this episode, we’re joined by Mitchell’s father, John Letourneau. John is the executive leadership coach for Co2 Partners, an established Minneapolis firm offering strategic planning, coaching and consulting services to promising business leaders. John is also the mayor of Ramsey, Minnesota, and he talks to us about the right recipes for success in manufacturing — and in the kitchen.
  • Steve Weegman: Homerun Recruiter: In the latest Manufacturing Nice podcast, we sit down with Steve Weegman. Steve is a recruiter for Aerotek with a background in the sports industry, and he brings his A-game to the job. He shares insights into what it’s like for candidates looking for a career in the manufacturing industry, tips to get hired and the benefits of working with a recruiter.

Tune in to Listen

The Manufacturing Nice podcast has its very own website where you can listen to the complete library of episodes at your convenience. You can also find us in the Apple Store, where you can subscribe for instant notifications when we release our latest shows.

Have a question about the show or the different items we manufacture? Contact IDC Spring today to learn more about the products and services we provide.



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