Custom Mechanical Springs

IDC Spring: Your One-Stop Mechanical Spring Manufacturer and Supplier

When you purchase mechanical springs from IDC Spring, you’ll get a high-quality, reliable product backed by more than four decades of industry experience. Our springs represent the latest technological innovations, ensuring the best performance. As a full-service supplier, we’ll make sure you can always count on us to exceed your expectations, whether it’s providing made-to-spec springs that resolve a challenging manufacturing issue or delivering top-notch customer service.

We manufacture our products from superior materials — such as oil-tempered, hard-drawn, and galvanized wire — to meet the most demanding applications. Shot peening, powder coating and plating services are all available, which means you can get the ideal finish for your springs no matter your needs. You’ll find our inventory’s mechanical springs in an assortment of sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for your products. The combination of a wide selection of expertly crafted custom springs and our exceptional service means you won’t have to look anywhere else to have your mechanical spring needs met.

Custom Mechanical Spring Manufacturer

Our extensive spring manufacturing experience has taught us that no two manufacturing operations are alike. We focus on designing and producing mechanical springs that meet our customers’ unique specifications and requirements. We’ve made a significant investment in facilities, equipment, tools and resources to ensure that we can fulfill any custom spring request. We also have the knowledge and capacity to take on projects of all sizes, our ability to deliver made-to-spec springs differentiates us from many of our competitors.

We Work Hard to Serve Our Customers in Other Crucial Ways as Well

Here at IDC Spring, providing reliable, high-performance, made-to-spec springs is only part of what we do. As a total solutions provider, we strive to meet our customers’ needs in many other ways. When you choose us as your mechanical springs supplier, you’ll get:

  • Just-in-time ordering programs that can significantly reduce the amount of inventory you need to carry and lower your operating costs
  • Electronic ordering and invoicing to streamline and simplify these processes, which saves time and will increase your business’s operating efficiency
  • Access to our user-friendly mobile app, which will enable you to view your account information and perform a variety of essential functions via your smartphone or tablet
  • International exporting service to Europe, Central and South America, the Middle East and other parts of the globe

With conveniently located manufacturing plants in Minneapolis, MN, Piqua, OH, and Mesa, AZ, IDC Spring can provide fast service to businesses across the United States. You can count on your mechanical spring order to be there when you need it. Depending on the size of your shipment, your springs will arrive in just one to seven days.

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If springs play a vital role in your business operations, make sure you choose an experienced, knowledgeable full-service supplier that can deliver results. Learn more about what makes IDC Spring the smart choice for all your mechanical spring needs. Contact us to request a no-obligation quote today. If you have questions or would like more information about any of our products or services, please fill out and submit our convenient online contact form.

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Updated May 4th, 2020