Conical Springs

Conical springs are compression springs that derive their name from their distinctive cone shape. The unique conical spring design offers the advantage of a reduced solid height in comparison to straight compression springs. As a result, conical compression springs can provide a near-constant spring rate. At IDC Spring, we serve as the go-to provider of conical compression springs for companies large and small across the country.

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Advantages of Conical Springs

Key features and benefits of conical springs include:

  • Conical spring design enables each coil to fit within the next coil, which is a major advantage in applications where solid height is limited.
  • Variable force rate (as opposed to the constant force rate of standard compression springs).
  • Greater lateral stability that decreases the risk of buckling.
  • Uniform pitch reduces vibration and resonance.

Many different products would no doubt benefit from conical spring design. When you’re looking to unleash the many benefits of these unique springs, make sure you have a trusted option from among conical spring suppliers — a manufacturer like IDC Spring. We can help with any number of conical spring applications needed for your business to serve its customers.

Conical Spring Applications

Conical springs have many valuable industrial and manufacturing applications. They are frequently used in various types of electrical contacts, such as push buttons and battery contacts. They also serve as essential components in many automobile suspension systems. Some firearms manufacturers use conical springs in the firing mechanism of the weapon. Other conical spring applications include medical devices, major appliances, cell phones, large stamping presses and lawnmowers, to name just a few.

No matter what you’re making with conical springs, it’s essential for your springs to represent the utmost in quality. After all, the overall quality of buttons, electrical contacts and other products is merely a function of the quality of their disparate parts. At Industrial Spring Company, we help you deliver the best products by offering conical springs that meet the highest quality standards.

You Can Buy Conical Springs From IDC Spring

As a conical spring manufacturer and supplier, IDC Spring is your one-stop headquarters for superior springs for just about any application. We feature a wide selection of springs in various outer, inner and wire diameters, free lengths and solid heights, all made from durable, high-quality materials such as high carbon and stainless steel, silicon, galvanized and many others.

We also have the ability to develop a custom conical spring design for your unique applications or special projects. Your products feature designs representing your hard work and innovation. Make sure you have conical compression springs that are best suited for those designs — not just some generic, off-the-shelf solutions. At IDC Spring, we help your unique designs come to life by offering custom conical springs.

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Why Else Should You Choose Us as Your Conical Springs Supplier?

Getting a high-performing, reliable product isn’t the only reason you should make IDC Spring your conical spring supplier. In addition to our all-inclusive product line, we also offer just-in-time ordering programs that make inventory management so much easier — and more cost-effective. Our sincere commitment to superior customer service means we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your conical springs meet your performance and quality expectations.

We understand the everyday demands of doing business and serving customers. That’s why we’ve developed systems and processes that are designed to anticipate and meet your needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. When you need to buy conical springs and buy them quickly, we have the resources, knowledge and capacity to get the job done. That’s the value of choosing a trustworthy partner as your conical spring supplier.

Our mechanical spring equipment will be commissioned in MN this year. For mechanical springs specifically lets keep it to the Midwest or make it known they are produced in MN, but can be shipped anywhere. We also are just starting the line and so to use “leader” in a sentence is not accurate yet. We operate through three offices nationwide, including locations in Minnesota, Ohio and Arizona. When you choose Industrial Spring Company from among conical spring suppliers, you’re assured of fast, affordable shipping, no matter where you are: you get the benefit of regional service with national scale.

Other customer-focused services we offer include:

  • Custom packing and pallet sizes to accommodate any ordering/shipping requirement.
  • Convenient electronic ordering and invoicing.
  • Intuitive “Springulator” calculating software helps you to determine the ideal spring rate for your product.
  • Downloadable mobile app provides the convenience of remote ordering, account management, etc.
  • Friendly staff available by phone to support and answer questions

Everything we do is focused on meeting your needs and delivering the outstanding customer experience our clients should expect and demand. If you have any questions about conical springs or if you’d like to discuss options to buy conical springs, we’re ready to assist.

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At IDC Spring , you’ll find a blend of quality parts, in-depth knowledge, significant resources and a deep commitment to getting the job done in a way that exceeds expectations. Your products are the lifeblood of your business. If your products meet expectations, you delight your customers and develop a strong brand reputation. If your products fail to meet expectations, however, you risk disappointing your customers and undermining your brand reputation.

It all starts with quality parts and materials, which is why you’ll want the best conical spring design from a leader in conical spring applications. You can choose to buy conical springs from a number of different providers, but you won’t find the same range of benefits or commitment to service excellence that you’ll find with IDC Spring.

But don’t just take our word for it. Discover for yourself what makes IDC Spring your best conical spring manufacturer option. Contact us to learn more about our wide assortment of products and services and to get a no-obligation quote today! IDC Spring: solutions made fast and simple.

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