Galvanized Wire

Durability is always a priority when it comes to a garage door, both for residential and commercial customers. Durability means reliable performance and a long lifespan without expensive repairs and replacement. Galvanized wire springs help you deliver a durable product to your customers. Galvanization means the application of zinc that creates a strong, affordable and rust-free product that does its job day after day, year after year.

At Industrial Spring Company, we offer galvanized wire springs as part of our far-reaching inventory. As your galvanized wire spring manufacturer, we offer these products in a number of specifications. We’re always in pursuit of meeting your unique needs and helping you delight your own customers, which is why you’ll find these custom options in our selection of garage door spring and hardware components.

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Types of galvanized springs

Residential sectional garage door torsion springs
Commercial sectional garage door torsion springs

  • Available Wire Sizes:
  • Available Inside Diameters:
  • Available Options:
    • Custom Stenciling
  • Standard Applications:
    • Residential Sectional Garage Doors
    • Commercial Sectional Overhead Doors

Note: All galvanized springs are available cut-to-length or bulk snakes (120″, 144″, 168″, or 192″)
Additional Types of torsion springs

The Benefits of Galvanized Wire Springs

It’s not difficult to outline the many benefits of galvanized wire springs. They break down into three main categories:

  • Durability: Galvanization means strength. Think about the massive amount of weight and pressure a garage door is under. When you choose galvanized wire springs, you help support your door with the strength it needs.
  • Corrosion resistance: Rust and other corrosion is a fact of life for many metal objects. Galvanization helps prevent this corrosion from forming, which means a long usable lifespan for the product, whether galvanized wire springs or something else entirely.
  • Aesthetics: Typically, the look of the galvanized springs is what draws someone to them. They are much cleaner looking than an oil-tempered spring.

At Industrial Spring Company, we help companies like yours realize the power of galvanized wire springs, and we help you pass along the benefits of galvanized wire springs to your own customers.

When Galvanized Springs Are Best

What situations most often demand galvanized wire springs? It’s never a bad idea to choose galvanized wire springs. But it’s even more imperative to choose them in humid, moisture-filled environments — think Florida rather than Arizona.

In these high-humidity areas, the possibility of rust and corrosion is only heightened. Make sure you’re fighting back against the corrosive elements when you choose galvanized wire springs over the alternatives.

Why Choose Industrial Spring Company?

At Industrial Spring Company, we are your source for garage door springs and hardware. As your galvanized wire spring manufacturer, we offer products of different sizes and specifications, including available wire sizes between .192 and .406. We can also customize your product to meet your exact length needs, or we deliver bulk snakes of 120, 144, 168 and 192 inches.

We are your galvanized wire spring manufacturer that delivers custom products, and we’re also your source for quality garage door components of all kinds. Quality is emphasized in everything we do, from the customer service you enjoy to the products you ultimately use in serving your own customers. When you need a galvanized wire spring manufacturer you can depend upon to deliver high-quality products and to meet your unique needs, turn to Industrial Spring Company.

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