Music Wire Springs

Made from a cold-drawn material comprised of a strong and uniform tensile strength, music wire springs are strong and reliable. This type of wire is often regarded as one of the toughest steel options with impressive fatigue properties. Its high strength and heavy load ability make it a reliable and desirable custom spring choice.

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Music wire is extremely versatile. Made from high carbon-based steel, it’s ideal for high-stress applications. This is where the name “music wire” comes in. This type of wire is typically used for piano strings. With regards to this musical application, the wire showcases its strength by stretching under tremendous amounts of tension as hammers simultaneously strike the wire to create music. This application of music wire illustrates just how strong it is.

Benefits of Music Wire Springs

Pushing past music wire’s ability to withstand high-stress tension, music wire is also surprisingly bendable. This characteristic of this kind of wire lends itself well to music wire spring manufacturers, making this material an ideal choice for coiled springs. Cost is yet another benefit of choosing music wire springs. They are typically less expensive, particularly when the required diameter is on the smaller side.

What Are Common Uses for Music Wire Springs?

Due to music wire’s strong tensile properties, it’s used for a wide range of industrial, commercial and personal purposes. Such applications include spring loaded windows, surgical tools, farm equipment and more.

Specs for Music Wire Springs

Music wire springs are among the many wire types we offer for spring manufacturing. Available sizes range from .08 inches to .625 inches. Additional options for your custom music wire springs include powder coating, grinding, shot peening and custom stenciling.

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Value With Choosing the IDC Spring as Your Supplier

IDC Spring is your one-stop-shop for your garage door spring needs. We don’t just manufacture our springs — we also supply additional garage door hardware. Our product line consists of extension springstorsion springsone-piece springsgalvanized springs and square wire springs. Other benefits to choosing us as your music wire spring supplier include:

  • Three Conveniently Located Facilities: Our spring manufacturing plants are located in Minnesota (our corporate HQ), Ohio (our extended headquarters devoted to servicing our East Coast customers) and Arizona. We ship nationwide.
  • All-Inclusive Product Manufacturing: We offer a wide range of products complete with custom options and excellent quality standards.
  • Special Order Program: One of our goals is to save you time and money. For last-minute orders to unexpected inventory demands, our special order program is in place to help ensure your success.
  • Free and Fast Quotes: We offer fast and free quotes.
  • Download Our Free App: To make managing your spring account easy and streamlined, you can download our app on your phone or desktop.
  • Customer First Approach: Your experience is our top priority. If something isn’t right, we’ll be the first to fix it.

We have also increased the bandwidth of our product line to include mechanical spring production — these springs are coiled in look and feature compression on downward pressure.

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