Powder Coating Finish

We’ve made great strides in the manufacturing of garage doors springs and mechanical springs through the years. Our innovations and new developments have made our springs more durable and dependable while offering customization of all our torsion, extension, and compression springs.  At IDC Spring, we provide a selection of products that reflect the latest modifications and engineering improvements in the industry.

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As your coated wire spring manufacturers, you can count on us to deliver the durable solution your own customers are searching for.

  • Available Wire Sizes:
  • Available Inside Diameters:
  • Available Options:
    • Custom Stenciling
  • Standard Applications of Torsion Springs:
    • Residential Sectional Garage Doors
    • Commercial Sectional Overhead Doors

Note:  All black coated springs are available cut-to-length or bulk snakes (120″, 144″, 168″, or 192″)

Why Choose Coated Wire Springs?

There’s nothing wrong with galvanized springs, especially given their rust-free nature. But the cold-drawn process during manufacturing means the spring’s tension can quickly dissipate once in use.

Balance is what makes a garage door simple and easy to use, but balance can disappear within a year when a galvanized torsion spring loses its balance. An out-of-balance garage door can raise and lower hot at certain points, which strains your garage door components and makes the possibility of an expensive repair or replacement more probable.

Long Lasting, Rust Fighting Spring Coating

A hot-drawn process is the solution. Coated wire springs are manufactured using a hot-drawn process that takes away the stress and makes them much less likely to lose their tension in short order.  The natural rust-fighting power of galvanized springs, the coating on these black-coated wire springs helps prevent rust from forming.

In short, you get the tension-maintaining performance you need that leads to a longer usable lifespan for your springs. And you also get coating that prevents rust from destroying your springs while they’re still usable. Coated wire springs are an advanced solution to an everyday problem in the manufacturing and use of garage doors.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

At IDC Spring, we offer a wide range of coated wire springs, including sizes that range between .136 and .625. You can use them on residential sectional garage doors and commercial sectional overhead doors, and you can even custom stencil your own brand name onto them.

As your coated wire springs manufacturer, we offer cut-to-length options as well as bulk snakes available at 120, 144, 168 or 192 inches. We want you to have access to the coated wire springs you need in the sizes and lengths you need.

Your Coated Wire Spring Manufacturer

At IDC Spring, we bring to the table decades of experience in serving the needs of garage door manufacturers nationwide. We emphasize quality in everything we do, from the customer experience to the actual products like our coated wire springs.

We know you have customers to satisfy and delight, and we consider ourselves partners in that endeavor. Your success means our success. When you need a coated wire spring manufacturer you can count on for dependable service and quality products, count on the team at IDC Spring.

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