Square Wire

Square-wire springs are often a preferred option when you need mechanical springs that have greater strength and more deflection than springs made of round wire. For example, they are ideal when you need torsion springs for a commercial door that requires something other than duplex assembly, standard torsion springs or dual-shaft assembly.

We can customize a square-wire spring to meet any of your mechanical spring needs.

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At IDC Spring, you have access to the square-wire and other mechanical springs and hardware you need to serve your customers. We carry a wide range of commercial and residential products and always go above and beyond to meet your specific needs with custom solutions.

Available Wire Sizes

Note: All square wire torsion springs are available cut-to-length or bulk snakes (120″, 144″, 168″, or 192″)

Additional Types of Mechanical Springs

Superior Strength With Square-Wire Springs

Mechanical springs are called on to do serious lifting, each and every day. For example, torsion springs for heavy-duty commercial garage doors may be required to lift hundreds of pounds several times a day. You can rely on the long-term performance, durability and strength of an IDC Spring square-wire spring.

A Range of Sizes and Custom Cuts to Meet Your Needs

You have specific jobs with unique requirements. We work to meet those specifications in any way possible, like square-wire springs customized to the exact length you need.

We offer square-wire springs that range from .312 to .437, so you always have access to the size you need. Plus, we can cut to meet your exact length specifications or provide bulk snakes that are 120, 144, 168 or 192 inches long.

IDC Spring is your source for custom solutions that help you deliver outstanding results to your customers. When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing speed, efficiency and precision in manufacturing.

Custom Cuts to Meet Your Needs

Our commitment to quality and customization extends to the length of our square-wire springs. We can provide bulk snakes that are 120, 144, 168 or 192 inches long, or we can cut to meet your exact specifications.

We know you have specific jobs at hand that have unique requirements, and we meet those unique requirements in any way possible, through square-wire springs cut to meet your needs as well as other products and services.

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As your square-wire spring manufacturer, we are invested in your company’s success. We know you have important customers to serve with residential and commercial products, and we do our best to help you meet those needs through high-quality, durable mechanical springs and other hardware.

We emphasize quality through every step, from the first contact with your team through delivery of your square-wire springs or other components. Our commitment to quality shines through in the results you help achieve for your customers. When you’re successful in serving your customers, we feel successful, too. When you want square-wire springs you can count on, trust the team at IDC Spring.

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