Hard Drawn Wire Hook for Trolley

Hard Drawn Wire Hook for Trolley

Case Study: Custom heavy-duty hard drawn hook for Minnesota trolley to hold parts

Market: Trolleys & Transit

Success Story:

hard drawn wire hook trolleyA Minnesota trolley, which provides rides for special events, was shut down because of failing wire hooks. The trolley customer had been hand bending standard hooks to try and hold a part on the trolley. However, because of the manual hand bending, lack of precision and lack of durability, the parts would fall off. This caused a potential for an injury hazard since the part followed the overhead line on the trolley and could potentially fall off and hit passengers around the trolley.

We were able to accurately asses the trolley customer’s need, and while they were experiencing downtime with the trolley, we were able to turn around a reliable and custom solution in 72 hours, getting the trolley back up and running quickly.   Our engineering team helped to design a custom snap on heavy-duty wire hook to securely hold the part.  To ensure extra durability, we created the custom wire hook from hard drawn wire.