Our Success Stories

Springs for Utility Trailers

Case Study: Extension and Torsion Springs for Utility Trailers Market: Utility Trailers Success Story: IDC Spring manufacturers mechanical springs supporting the gate lift on a utility trainer.  These springs can be developed as extension spring or a torsion spring depending on the application. The springs are specifically designed for durability and extended life cycles over…

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Springs for Dock Levelers

Case Study: Custom Spring Design for height-adjustable dock leveler platforms Market:  Loading Docks and Dock Levelers Success Story: IDC Spring produces springs to assist with the height-adjustable platforms that bridges the transition between the truck and the dock of a manufacturer/distribution center to help level the transition and eliminate fork lift accidents.

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Springs for Dumpster Cover

Case Study: Dual Spring System for Automatic Covers on Dumpsters Market: Dumpsters Success Story: For many large dumpsters, companies are required or advised to have a cover over the dumpster. Manually covering and or removing the cover is not an option. Instead, IDC Spring helped design a dual spring system to support a garbage company’s…

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