Springs for Planter Row Units

Springs for Planter Row Units

Case Study: Zinc-Plated Spring for Planter Row Unit

Market: Planter Row Unit, Agriculture Equipment

Success Story:

An agricultural planter manufacturer was launching a new row unit product line and wanted to ensure that the springs they used would match the durability of the new product they have dedicated so much of their time to.  The need was to have a long-lasting spring that would provide tension to the row crop planter’s closing wheel. The tension on the wheel is needed to help provide excellent seed to soil contact.

As a solution, IDC Spring custom-designed and manufactured a zinc-plated extension spring. The zinc-plated spring would provide ideal corrosion resistance, extending the lifecycle and function of the spring.

On top of the custom spring design, IDC Spring completed it with a fast lead time and provided a stock and release program to help reduce costs and always have the spring in stock for the manufacturer

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