Springs for Ice Resurfacers

Springs for Ice Resurfacers

Case Study: Custom Spring design and manufacturing to lift the dump tank in a ice resurfacing equipment

Market:  Ice resurfacers

Success Story:

Our custom extension spring was designed to support the dump tank ability to rise and lower within the ice resurfacing machine.

You always see the Ice Resurfacer laying down water, but where does it come from? There is a large 200 gallon plastic tank located in the middle of the machine.

The dump tank sits right on top of the batteries and ice making water tank. It can hold up to 100 cubic feet of snow. Like a standard dump truck, the dump tank needs to be raised and lowered to release the collected snow. As the tank raises, the lid, under spring tension, is pulled open. When the tank is lowered, a hook grabs onto a spot on the frame and puts tension back into the spring.