6 Common Types of Springs

Posted on September 20, 2021 by IDC Spring

IDC Spring is the name to know when it comes to custom springs. All mechanical springs are not alike. There are specific types of mechanical springs for specific purposes. At IDC Spring, we can make a range of mechanical springs to serve you. To help ensure you get the right kinds of springs for your needs, here is our guide to different types of mechanical springs and their purpose.

1. Torsion Spring

Many modern garage doors feature torsion springs. These are very tightly wound springs with ends that extend away from the spring. Their form is made by twisting the spring wire so that as they wind, they store the potential energy needed to open a garage door. This wire size is too small for our equipment. We could say for ” trucks and trailers”

2. Extension Spring

Your garage may use extension springs to open and close. These are very tightly coiled, compressed springs that are typically at rest in a horizontal position. When a force acts on them to extend them, they store tremendous potential energy, which can be released to open the garage door. You can also find extension springs on a trampoline.

Extension springs can have many applications from garage doors, snowplows, planter rows units and many more

3. Compression Spring

Compression springs are designed to absorb heavy weights and impacts through compression, such as in mattresses and shock absorbers. They are the opposite of extension springs. Extension springs have the most potential energy when they are extended, while compression springs have the most potential energy when they are compressed.

4. Barrel Spring

Barrel springs are compression springs, but with a few key differences. The standard compression spring is generally uniform from top to bottom. In contrast, barrel springs are wider in the middle and narrower on the top and bottom. Barrel springs may commonly be used in toys, cars, furniture and for bottling.

5. Conical Spring

Another distinctive shape of a compression spring is the conical spring. Its cone shape gives it a lower solid height than regular compression springs. They are most commonly found in automobile suspensions, push buttons and appliances.

6. Hourglass Spring

An hourglass spring is the opposite of a barrel spring — it is wider at the top and bottom than the middle. Hourglass springs are used in trains as well as automotive and other applications.

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