What Is a Barrel Spring?

Posted on July 16, 2019 by IDC Spring

Do you need barrel springs for your applications? A barrel spring is a special type of spring that is notable for its barrel-shaped appearance, where the middle of the spring is wider than the top or bottom. Barrel springs can be telescoping or non-telescoping. In the telescoping version, the smaller coils squeeze down inside the larger ones when you compress the spring.

Is a Barrel Spring a Type of Compression Spring?

Mechanical barrel springsAs you might have guessed, a barrel spring is a type of compression spring. Barrel springs function just as compression springs do, absorbing force and then releasing that force when it is appropriate. The distinction is that barrel springs are much better at preventing buckling than standard compression springs, and their shape makes them a bit more flexible, taking up less space and able to fit better in a variety of designs.

Buckling is often an issue you may have to concern yourself with when you’re dealing with a need for very long compression springs. This is because a compression spring will always buckle when compressed if it is at least four times as long as it is wide. By making the barrel spring wider in the middle to begin with, you avoid this problem.

Telescoping barrel springs are great for situations where space is a consideration because the smaller coils compressing into the larger ones allow you to compress further down for greater height reduction.

Common Barrel Spring Applications

Just as many industries have applications that use ordinary compression springs, you can find barrel springs across industries. Whenever a normal compression spring won’t fit or won’t quite do the job, the barrel spring can come to the rescue. Industries and applications that use barrel springs can include:

  • Agriculture: In farm vehicles and other heavy farm machinery
  • Automotive: Both in vehicle interior and exterior, as well as in heavy trucking
  • Garage Doors: For specially-proportioned garages for which standard torsion or extension compression springs are not suitable
  • Marine: For a variety of sea applications including fishing boats and yachts
  • Toys: Especially rocking and bouncing type toys
  • Furniture: For cushioning and comfort

Contact IDC Spring for Your Barrel Spring Needs

Whether you need standard compression springs, barrel springs or another type of spring, IDC Spring should be your first call. As a company that has specialized in spring manufacturing for more than four decades, we know exactly how to make the springs you need. Barrel springs are among our specialties, and we can manufacture as many barrel springs as you require according to your specifications. We can make telescoping or non-telescoping barrel springs and we can make barrel springs in a variety of sizes.

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