What is a Conical Spring

Posted on May 8, 2020 by IDC Spring

IDC Spring produces many different types of springs, including high-quality compression springs. Not all compression springs are created equal. While standard compression springs are effective in a wide variety of applications, there are some situations where a different shape of compression spring is required. One of these is the conical spring design. A conical spring uses a unique shape that gives it some properties you won’t find with standard compression springs. What is a conical spring, and what are the advantages of conical springs for your applications?

What Is a Conical Spring?

Ordinary compression springs are a uniform diameter from top to bottom. In a conical spring, the diameter progressively increases as you approach the bottom, creating a cone shape. One of the most important benefits of this cone shape is its “nesting” quality. As you near the bottom, each coil fits into the coil below it, meaning when fully compressed, the spring produces minimal height, and there is no “telescoping effect” as in normal compression springs.

While reducing height is often the primary purpose of using conical springs, these springs also offer greater lateral stability due to the more even distribution of the tensile load. This means the chance of buckling is much lower than with a standard compression spring.

Other advantages to the conical spring include uniform pitch that results in reduced vibration and resonance and a variable deflection rate.

Are Conical Springs Linear?

Conical springs are not linear, and this is one of the main reasons you may need a conical spring rather than a standard linear compression spring. Because the diameter increases as you go down, you have different levels of spring deflection at different points in the spring. This variability in rate is defined as non-linear.

What Are Conical Springs Used For?

There are many products that can use conical springs across industries. Anytime height limitations are in effect or where buckling is a legitimate concern can be a great conical spring application.

For example, you should not be surprised to find a conical spring in the firing mechanism of a firearm. They are also used in the automotive industry, particularly as part of suspension systems. They are even commonly found in push buttons and other components of electronics, as well as in many other industries and applications.

How Can I Get Conical Springs for My Business?

The obvious choice when it comes to acquiring conical springs is IDC Spring. Differently shaped compression springs are among our specialties.

We can ship as many conical springs as you need virtually anywhere in the country, and get them to you fast. These are extremely durable springs you can rely on for any industry application where they are appropriate. To find out how to order your conical springs, or for a free quote or more information on these types of compression springs, contact IDC Spring today.