3 Reasons Why Garage Door Torsion Spring Length Matters

Posted on August 13, 2020 by IDC Spring

If you encounter a broken garage door opener or notice that the cables on a garage door seem to be too worn for their age, the issue may not be mechanical. Instead, it could be a problem with the springs used in the door.

When torsion springs are sized incorrectly, they can lead to safety issues. The garage door will not work as it should, and that could lead it to malfunction and potentially endanger users. Here are three reasons behind the importance of garage door torsion springs and why you should make sure they fit properly.

1. Springs That Are Too Big Can Damage the Garage Door Opener

When garage door springs are too large, they provide more strength than the door needs. It will open with too much force, rolling up very quickly and compromising its safety. Kids or even unprepared adults could be knocked over by the sudden force when they try to open it. The door will also bounce up and down after opening, creating another safety issue.

2. Springs That Are Too Small Can Make the Opener Less Effective

If the spring for the door is small, it can make the door too heavy. When someone tries to raise the door, it will fall back down instead of continuing to lift. A user unaware of the garage door issue could get hurt by the door falling shut. Children could also get caught if they try to push the door up and run under it.

3. The Right Garage Door Torsion Spring Specifications Protect the Door

Replacing a too-big or too-small torsion spring with the right size will balance the door and make it safe again. The door will rise with less effort and remain safely in place. The garage door opener may also need to be replaced if it has been damaged by springs that are too big or too small.

Note that only a trained garage door technician should attempt to replace their garage torsion springs. Attempting this process on your own could lead to serious injury.  

How Do I Know What Size Torsion Spring I Need?

This is a question we frequently hear from our customers, and fortunately, it’s easy to come up with an answer. You can use a correct existing spring to determine torsion spring size in four easy steps:

    1. Figure out what direction the spring winds in, right or left. If it twists counterclockwise, it winds left, and if it twists clockwise, it winds right.
    2. Measure either 10 or 20 coils, and find the right length corresponding to that number on our chart.
    3. Measure the inside diameter of the spring.
    4. Measure the total length of the spring.

Using this approach, you can determine the right torsion spring size and order a replacement. Have all three of these measurements and the wind direction handy when you place your order for torsion springs. Or to make the process even easier, you can use our convenient IDC Spring Calculator app!

If the existing spring is sized incorrectly and you need further assistance, IDC Spring can help. We have the right-size torsion springs for all different types of garage doors. The top manufacturers in the industry trust us as their vendor, and we can help you determine the right fit for your project. Contact us to learn more about our products or request a quote.



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